Hello, I'm
Regis Junearick

Data Analyst, UX Researcher


I am a self-motivated and progress driven Data Analyst with extensive education on the role and its duties. I have a growing record of organizational contributions though application of data analysis and visualization techniques.


I additionally have experience as a UX Researcher and Researcher, having completed significant coursework at The University of Texas at Austin and contributed to web design and developer for several university-affiliated organizations.


I have developed these skills over the course of my work and academic experiences to achieve my goal of becoming a competent and well-rounded expert in the age of information.

Web Development

I have learned scripting languages such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to understand the work of web developers and, of course, to create websites myself.

Python Programming

I first learned Python to create encryptions and decryption tools. I later transitioned into Data Analysis, adapting the use of popular Data Science libraries such as NumPy, pandas, and Matplotlib.

Database Management

I learned PHP, SQL, and phpMyAdmin in the creation of a photography database and online repository.


Here's a brief collection of some of my projects.

An image

UX / Web Development / Data Visualization

The Usability of Data

An image

UX / Usability Testing

The Registrar

An image

UX / Information Architecture

Redesigning CCSSE


Feel free to contact me.